Quest for Talent – Rules

All contestants and others attending Quest for Talent do so at their own risk.

    1. Acts are defined as a specific individual or group of individuals.
      1. Groups must perform with the same individuals at the heats and finals. Substitutions are not permitted.
      2. Individuals can enter in multiple acts as members of groups.
  1. Entries are to be submitted by completing the entry form available on our web site:
  2. Entries are accepted via category requirements.
    Cateogory Information

    1. Dance – any genre is accepted- traditional, jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, etc.
    2. Variety – musical theatre (where dance, song, acting is happening all in the one act), instrumentals, comedians, magicians, etc (any act/talent that doesn’t fit into other categories)
    3. Original must be an original work. 3 copies of the lyrics are to be submitted upon registration at the heats & grand finals.
    4. Vocal– any song can be sung
    5. Country- any song can be sung from the country genre
    6. Spoken Word– includes poetry, prose, drama, speeches, etc.
  3. Entries close at 9pm 17th October 2016.
  4. Payment is to be received immediately, if payment is not received by closing date of the competition, entry may be forfeited.
  5. Entry will be confirmed to the email confirmed in entry.
  6. Contestants who placed first last year are not eligible to enter in the same category where they placed first last year.
    1. Last years first place winners are eligible to enter any category in which they did not place first last year.
  7. Age of Act
    1. The competition age group for a duo or ensemble will be determined by the age of the oldest member.
  8. Any stage requirements and backing music must be given to the coordinator at the time of reporting in for each performance.
    1. It is to be on an AUDIO CD – one track per performance item.
    2. The part being performed must not be duplicated on the track.
  9. Performance time is limited to a maximum of 4 minutes.
  10. The judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  11. Contestants will be notified on the same night as the heat if they will proceed to the grand finals.
  12. Inappropriate behaviour towards judges or other officials will not be tolerated.
  13. Substitute judges may be used.
  14. No person other than competitors and one parent/supporter per act will be allowed back-stage without the Stage Manager’s approval.
  15. Management retains the right to alter or amend the program in any way, or to combine any categories in which insufficient entries have been received. Any decision in this respect will be final.
  16. All entrants must accept the terms and conditions upon entry.
  17. Monetary prizes for the Quest winners will be paid by cheque at the conclusion of the event.