Talent Quest Heat 2 2013

Junior Dance

First off the block for Heat Two was Charlotte with a stylish Jazz performance to ‘Do your Thing’ followed by a tap routine to ‘The Boys Does Nothing’ by Adrienne with some great sounds and technique.  Bounty got the audience bopping with their hip hip moves to ‘Bounty’ and to finish off the Junior Dance section Tenille performed a bright jazz number to ‘Party in the USA’.

A great way to start the night in Heat 2.

Junior Variety

Wow! we’ve only seen a couple of the entrants for Junior Variety and I can see what a difficult job the judges have ahead of them for tonight.

So much talent…Cher opened the section with a lovely rendition of  ‘Stay’ followed by  Melissa showing her strong vocals singing ‘A-Team’.

All entrants looked beautiful and dressed very nicely for their performances.

Next  for the evening was Casey singing very sweetly ‘Defying Gravity’,  Ainsley followed with ‘Empire State of Mind’ and showed quite a strong voice developing from someone so young.

A crowd pleaser was the very sweet and very young (all of 4 years old) Jessica singing ‘Treehouse’ who had the judges singing along with her.  To finish the section  ‘Doh Ra Me’ a classic favourite was performed by Kisha bringing back memories to the audience with her lovely performance.

Adult Dance

Our adult dance entrant Tara performed a very strong and well executed routine to ‘Never Let me Go’ showing her fabulous dance ability.

Adult Variety

Georgina and Kris performed their numbers ‘You were Meant for Me’ and ‘Home’ with the audience enjoying both performances.

Mature & Motivated

‘No Time to Practise’, what a fabulous name for a quartet and what a wonderful arrangement and harmonies with their selection of ‘Over the Rainbow’.

Original Song

Kris again was back and performed his song ‘ Nothing at all’…..such talent.

Congratulations to all our winners going through to the Semi finals on Saturday:

Charlotte Broad, Bounty, Tenille Gould, Melissa Wilcox, Jessica Page, Tara Biddle, Kris Wason and No time to practise.

See you again tomorrow night.