Jacaranda Dance Spectacular

Are you ready?

The 2019 Goodna Jacaranda Festival has an all new competition to get excited about.

The first Jacaranda Dance Spectacular is on Sunda October 27th!

The three hour competition is built by dancers, for dancers and will incorporate for the first time a variety of styles, more age groups and options for Solo’s, Duo/Trio’s and groups to compete.

The competition will be held on the 10 meter Jacaranda Main Stage on October 27th.

Winners will receive our inaugral trophies and be featured on our website and social media.

Competition Rules and Conditions

  1. All competitors perform at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for injury or lost property. This includes all persons attending competition.
  2. Acts are defined as a specific individual or group of individuals.
    Individuals can enter in multiple acts as members of groups.
    Entries are to be submitted by completing the entry form available on our web site: https://goodnajacarandafestival.com/dance-spectacular/
  3. Entries are accepted via category requirements.
    1. Ballet/National
    2. Jazz
    3. Lyrical/Contemporary
    4. Hip Hop / Funk
    5. Acro.
  4. Song and Dance/Musical Theatre must be entered in the Variety Category in our separate Talent Quest.
  5. Entries close October 6th
  6. Entry cost is $15 per entry.
    1. If payment is not received by closing date of the competition, entry may be forfeited.
    2. Payment details TBA
  7. Entry will be confirmed via email shortly after registration.
  8. Age Restrictions for Groups – group acts will be determined based on the age of the oldest performer.
  9. The competition age group for a duo or trios will be determined by the age of the oldest member.
  10. The competition will have three age categories, being;
    1. 8years and under
    2. 9 – 12 years
    3. 13+ years
  11. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter, powder or paint may be used that will physically alter the surface of the floor.
  12. If the stage is littered during a performance, dancers are expected to clean the stage completely of all debris in ONE MINUTE or less.
  13. Music must be submitted online with entry form. If for whatever reason you cannot do this, please email us for guidance: dance@goodnajacarandafestival.com
  14. Performance Time Limits;
    1. Solo Performance time is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.
    2. Duo/Trio Performance time is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.
    3. Group Performance time is limited to a maximum of 4 minutes.
  15. The judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  16. Inappropriate behaviour towards judges or other officials will not be tolerated.
  17. Substitute judges may be used.
  18. No person other than competitors and one parent/supporter per act will be allowed back-stage without the Stage Manager’s approval.
  19. Management retains the right to alter or amend the program in any way, or to combine any categories in which insufficient entries have been received. Any decision in this respect will be final.
  20. All entrants must accept the terms and conditions upon entry.
  21. Choreography & costuming should be kept age appropriate & suitable for family entertainment for the protection of our child performers.
  22. All contestants will be required to sign a waiver / release at registration. A copy of this waiver can be viewed here. Contestants under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver to enable them to compete.

Entry Form

Ready to enter? All you have to do it read over the competition rules, and then fill out the form below.

Questions? Please email dance@goodnajacarandafestival.com and we will help you!