Sideshow Alley


Kay Dee Promotions are bringing some fun AND games this year to the festival; Try your skills on their sideshow games;

  • Flippin Chickens
  • Laughing Clowns
  • Roll Down
  • Balloon Bust
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Slam Dunk Basketball
  • Catch A Duck


Ride from as little as $5,64!

Each ride costs a specified number of coupons;

  • Single Coupons = $2 each
  • Pack of 18 coupons – $30
  • Pack of 40 Coupons – $60
  • pack of 70 Coupons – $99
Water Ball Attraction
Water Ball5 Coupons
Dance Party Ride
Dance Party6 Coupons
Flashdance Ride
Flashdance4 Coupons
Avalanche Ride
Avalanche4 Coupons
Cha Cha Ride
Cha Cha4 Coupons
Dodgems Ride
Dodgems4 Coupons
Swinger Ride
Swinger4 Coupons
Bungee Ride
Bungees5 Coupons
Rock Wall Ride
Rock Wall3 Coupons
Land Train Ride
Land Train3 Coupons
Wild Hog Ride
Wild Hog3 Coupons
Cannibal Pots Ride
Cannibal Pots3 Coupons
Giant Slide Ride
Giant Slide3 Coupons
Pirate Ship Ride
Pirate Ship3 Coupons
Jumping Castle Ride
Jumping Castles3 Coupons
Giant Worm Ride
Giant Worm3 Coupons
Chook Slide Ride
Chook Slide3 Coupons