Have we got some tasty treats for your this year! You’ll want to visit all three days so you can try everything!

OPA Greek Street Food

We Serve Home Hand Made Greek Food. Come & Taste The Difference.

Andy’s Kangaroo and Currywurst

Serving our delicious German Australian street food

Asian Snacks

Voted #1 Asian finger food

Best of the Wurst

Our food trailer is more than just a place to grab a Bratwurst.  It is a place to experience the foot-long Grilled German Bratwurst sausage which is commonly found in Germany.  All sausages are gluten free and vegan option is also available.

Bugsy’s Creamy Creations

Gourmet gelati and soft serve ice cream van bringing sweet treats to your family.

Coolest Cones

Whether you’ve got time to stick around or you’re just coming to grab a treat on-the-go, we’ve got you covered from menu suited for kids and yes adults too, who can dream back to their childhood.

Fricken Stop

Born from John and Tessie’s combined love for music, food, and freedom, “Fricken Stop” is more than just a food truck. It’s where Asian fusion meets the streets, and every dish tells a story. Dive into our flavors, and join our journey of taste and tunes.

Outback Spirit Iced Tea

We are drink creators using herbs and fruits to infuse our teas & juices with incredible flavour

Tasty East

Running out of ideas for lunch & dinner? Let us make them for you!!! Tasty low calorie meals.

Teppanyaki Noodles

In 2009, Katsu invented one-of-a-kind Japanese Noodle and established TEPPANYAKI NOODLES.

Fast Food Snacks

American Style Burgers, Fries, Meal Deals And More

High Class Burgers

High Class Burgers mean fresh, quality and home style cooked burgers, with 4 different popular hot chips options. Ask about combo deals for Seniors, kids and families make sure to get your bargain! Everyone’s covered, if you have a dietary requirement with Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Burgers.

Iced Tea Co

Iced Tea Co is a Brisbane based beverage company providing freshness with a twist. Our iced teas are specially crafted to keep you fresh while enjoying our natural brews! #StayFresh #StayOrganic

My Latino Fusion

Specialist in a fusion of unique flavours from Latin American Gourmet Food.

Okie Dogie

Elevating the classic hotdog by loading it with an array of delicious and unconventional toppings

Lightbulb Lemonade

Refreshing Lemonade