Have we got some tasty treats for your this year! You’ll want to visit all three days so you can try everything!


Ex-Yu BBQ and Burek (Boban & Jovan) bring you two of the most iconic dishes Burek and Chevapi/Kebapi from the Balkans that date back to the Ottoman period.

High Class Burgers

High Class Burgers mean fresh, quality and home style cooked burgers, with 4 different popular hot chips options.

Ask about combo deals for Seniors, kids and families make sure to get your bargain!

Everyone’s covered, if you have a dietary requirement with Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Burgers.

Mr Pulled

We slow cook Beef Brisket, Lamb Shoulder and Pork Shoulder and serve them on brioche burgers or loaded fries.

Brat Haus

9 different flavors of our authentic foot-long German Sausages, served on a fresh baked roll with a choice of sauerkraut and onions as a topping, also a range of sauces.

Wood Fired Pizza

Delicious gourmet Woodfire Pizzas are made right in front of you, created from the freshest of ingredients, cooked to perfection in our mobile Woodfire Pizza oven.

Potato Twisters

Get your Original Potato Twisters at Jacaranda Festival this weekend.

Perfectly cooked with that X-tra Crunch. Gluten Free and Vegan. Still Bigger, Better and Yummier!

Fast Food Snacks

American Style Burgers, Fries, Meal Deals And More

Mini Melts

Super freezy super delicious droplets of ice cream.

Gypsy Coffee

Introducing Gypsy Coffee Co your one of a kind unique cafe selling the best Woodfired coffee in town.

We don’t just sell coffee, we have a wide variety of beverages to choose from such as, iced lattes, iced chocolate, matcha lattes, beetroot lattes, white hot chocolata, iced mint chocolate and many more for everyone.

Sweet Unicone

Something sweet, Something cool, Something fun, Something you never seen. Come check in Sweet Unicone.

Outback Spirit Iced Tea

Fruit & herbal flavoured teas with all fruits used for our drinks are all being from our local farmers.

Nude Juice

A family business, bringing a healthy drink to every corner of Brisbane and South East Queensland using local fresh produces. We are keen to embrace the value of environmental sustainability through the core of our products and packaging.

We squeeze fresh RAW fruits and vegetables before your eyes to produce the freshest, most nutritious, uplifting juice and crusher.  A healthy little bonus(cut fruit) will go with every cup.  All our drinks are 100% natural, no sugar added, gluten and dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

Churros De Oro – Delicious Churros!

Mr Pulled – Delicous pulled pork burger

Phat Foods – For the fried food lover!

Yummi – Fruit Ice Cream and Juices

Aarav Ices – Delicious ice creams

Joeys Mini sPancakes – Who doesn’t love a pancake?

Your Coffee Lady – Coffee and drinks