Quest for Talent – FAQ


Redbank Plains State High School
Performing Arts Centre
Willow Road, Redbank Plains, 4301

Heat Dates
Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October

Performance Times
Heats are booked for 10am to 3pm. Exact run downs will be developed once entries are closed.

Ample parking is available at this site


Jacaranda Festival at Evan Marginson Park, Goodna

Friday 25th October 2019

Registration Time
From 6PM (MUST be registered and backstage at call time, prior to your category beginning)

Performance Times
Will be assigned once heat winners are announced

Parking in and around the Festival site is available but can be difficult – allow yourself plenty of time.

A range of food outlets will be available at the Festival.

Performance Environment

Stage Size

Venue: Redbank Plains State High School Performing Arts Centre
Stage: 9M x 10m

Grand Finals
Venue: Main State at the Festival, Evan Marginson Park, Goodna
Stage: 9M x 10M

Facilities Provided


  • P.A & lightning with professional staff operating
  • CD players
  • Microphones: Vocal, Cordless & Lines + Instrument (no headset mics)
  • Mic stands
  • Direct Inputs for instruments

For Entrants

  • Registration area
  • Change area


Quest for Talent Entries

Entry Dates
Open: August 19th
Close: October 1st

Age will be taken as at the 14th October

NOTE: the competition age group for a duo or ensemble will be determined by the age of the oldest member.

How many times can I enter?

Enter in as many categories as you would like! Can only perform as the same act in a category one time (can perform and compete as solo in one category and in a group act in same category as this is a different act)


There are time constraints of performances max 4min. Live backing needs to be detailed in the online entry.

NOTE: we do not provide instrument amps or backline.

If you are unsure about whether your instruments can be accommodated, please contact our coordinator by email at or call Mathew on 0419 688 266

Parents/Supporters Back Stage

Due to space constraints, only 1 parent/support person may accompany each act in the back-stage area.

Entering the Quest

Entries are to be submitted by completing the entry form available on our web site:

All entries and payments will be confirmed by email. Failure of payment may lead to entry being forfeited.

Arriving for your performance
We recommend you arrive at least 60 minutes before your category start time to ensure you have plenty of time to register and get ready.
When you enter the talent quest you will be given a heat date and a confirmation email. If you haven’t registered before the beginning of your category, your entry may be forfeited.
On arrival at the venue, go straight to registration desk to give details of performance and stage requirements.
Your backing track should be provided with your entry via our online system. If for some reason you have not done this, please bring your backing track on BOTH a CD AND a USB MP3 file.
TIP: Plan to arrive at the venue early to give yourself enough time to settle & not feel rushed!
Rehearsals/Sound Checks

There is no provision for rehearsals, detailed sound checks etc. Be prepared to perform.

Information about your backing track, instrument and stage requirements will be collected when you check in.

If you have any particular requirements add this to online entry and discuss with coordinator on the night.

Your Performance

Parents (or Guardians) of 13 years and under are encouraged to stay within sight of their Children.

Acts or Songs must not contain “Profanity”.

Performance time is limited to a maximum of 4 minutes.

Each act will be introduced on stage by the Compere. You may introduce your song if you wish – please ensure you let us know this when you check in.

Bring all your own props including chairs. Please let us know these details in online entry and at registration.

If using recorded music as backing, the part you are performing must not be duplicated on the track.

Start of performance – You can nominate when you want backing music to start, eg, before you appear on stage, after you appear on stage etc. Please let us know this when you check in.

After you perform it is preferred you stay in costume as all the performers will be reintroduced back on stage at the end of your category (time permitting). You are also asked to stay close to the stage during this period.

Judges Performance Tips
  • Learn to breathe while phrasing your song.
  • Dress to the song/stage. Overall presentation is taken into consideration.
  • Choose a song relevant to your life experience, and read and understand the lyrics.
  • Practice in front of a mirror to learn expression & movement.
  • Practice effective microphone technique. Be careful not to cover your mouth with it.
  • Cause the audience to feel involved in the song.

Our judges are experienced, industry-based people who have stage experience themselves.

Announcements of Judges’ choice

Announcements will be made at the end of each category.

Grand Finals
Announcements will be made at the conclusion of all performances.

Judges' Feedback

We are in the process of choosing the best judges for the job this year! Watch this space!

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