Market, Food and Community Stalls


  • Please note that by submitting an application for a stall site the applicant accepts the terms and conditions listed on this information sheet and on the application form.
  • All stallholders must comply with the City of Ipswich Health Regulations and any other relevant regulations such as Workplace Health and Safety.
  • All stallholders must have public liability Insurance and provide evidence of currency with their application.
  • Vehicles must be parked off the field during the festival unless you have purchased on-field storage space behind your stall area. Once bump in is complete vehicles parked on field will not be able to exit until bump out.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application without explanation.
  • Stallholders wishing to conduct raffles, give aways, competitions or any other form of promotion must submit details in writing for approval before commencing such activity.
  • Stallholders must book their own site and provide their own public liability.
  • To submit your application, complete the online application form below.


Choose a space class and category Fill our your electrical equipment declaration Pay your stall fees once your application is approved
Ensure you have your own public liability insurance Submit your application using the form below Contact us via email with any questions


Marquees must be secured if bumping in early – lower the
marquee and ensure it is weighted securely. Damage caused by
marquees not secured properly is the stallholders liability.

Stallholders are required to be on field for the duration of the festival and are not able to bump out before 5pm Sunday

Bump In Times:

Thursday 26th October 2pm – 6pm (Please note no security is offered on this date)
Friday 27th October 6.00am – 2.00pm

Festival Operating Times:

Friday 3PM to 10PM

Saturday 9AM to 10PM

Sunday 10AM to 5PM



  • 10 km/h speed limit on field
  • Hazzard lights to be on at all times
  • Vehicles must not be driven during festival opening times.
  • Entry into and exit from the festival precinct is to be via the main central entrance point as shown on the site map only.

The following goods are subject to commercial agreements and are not permitted to be sold by stallholders:

  • Alcohol for consumption
  • Showbags



  • Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • The festival layout is subject to change at the organisers sole discretion.
  • Spaces are available in three depths. (A) spaces are 3 metres deep, (B) spaces are 6 metres deep and (C) spaces are 9 metres deep. All stallholder equipment and material must remain inside the designated space.
  • When applying for more than 1 space, those will be adjacent.
  • Stallholders can choose spaces of different depths,
    provided they are adjacent.
  • All spaces are 3 metre frontages. You may apply for as much frontage as you require by applying for multiple spaces.
  • If you wish to park your vehicle on field, ensure you request sufficient space.
  • Stallholders are able to park their cars in the car park opposite the field on Woogaroo Street.
  • Vehicles must enter the field via the main vehicle entrance and wait at the marshalling point for instructions


  • Pricing will be calculated for you based on your selections in the application form below.
  • Pricing shown is exclusive of GST
  • GST will be added at time of invoicing

Category A

3 metre deep space allocated for marquee only with no parking or storage behind the stall.

Category B

6 metre deep space – stallholder may use the depth for their stall or for parking their vehicle behind their 3 metre deep stall, but not both.

Category C

9 metre deep space – stallholder may setup their stall to a maximum of 6 metres depth and is able to use the further 3 metres for car parking

Food Vendor $540 | Market Stall $210

Food Vendor $621 | Market Stall $241.50

Food Vendor $702 | Market Stall $273

Stallholder Application Form