You meet some great people at through the Jacaranda Festival, and this year I had the pleasure to meet, if only via the internet, a wonderful Russion expat named Tatiana. Browsing through Flickr I came across some lovely photos of Goodna’s Jacaranda Trees, and after making contact Tatiana (or “tatters” on flickr) was gracious enough to lend her camera to the cause and allow us to republish some of her photos of the street parade.

    Tatiana, now an Australian Citizen, has lived in Australia for ten years, and is a geophysicist, with a passion for trees, which is what drew her to the jacarandas in the first place. This love of trees has blossomed (if you will excuse the pun!) into a Flickr group, Field Guide: Flowering Trees of the world

    Thankyou so much Tatiana, your photos are wonderful, and we hope we can talk you into taking some photos at next years festival!

    Here we present Tatiana’s great photographic work on the street parade this year;