• 2011 DANSING

    DanSing is on the lookout for all local personalities and shining stars….

    DanSing today releases all categories available for this year’s exciting talent quest held in conjunction with the annual Jacaranda Festival.  The DanSing quest for talent is remarkably celebrating it’s 15th year in operation. (Formerly known as the Sing Off).   Attracting all age groups and a huge diversity of entertainment, DanSing could very well unearth further aspiring performers wanting to break into the industry. The DanSing’s objective is clear, to become a popular and demanding platform for all up and coming talented individuals, duos, trios and groups to display their talents and receive assessment from today’s current professionals. 

    The DanSing Quest for Talent has been in the front line of the entertainment competition offering substantial prize monies to place getters of the quest to further their education and tutoring in their chosen genre.  With their newly introduced category, ‘original song’, DanSing can now offer a totally innovative concept and create an opportunity for the imaginative and creative.  DanSing’s co-ordinator says: “We have identified a great need for the quest to include all significant components to the entertainment industry. Our goal has been to create a contest that supports all areas of entertainment and illustrates the importance of nurturing and encouraging our local personalities and shining stars.”

    The quest and competition is not DanSing’s only focus. They also provide the winners of each category with up to date Workshops to promote further development to the careers of the contestants.  One of DanSing’s revolutionary undertakings is that all winners, under the direction of industry professionals come together for a final public performance to complete the experience and journey of DanSing.

    With a unique concept and a very ambitious support network, DanSing will become the competition leaders within a very short period of time.  A big Challenge……….but extremely achievable.

    DanSing offers both very easy access and entry to the quest via the official DanSing Website. www.goodnajacarandafestival.com/ OR for more information phone Sue on 0407 154 993

    YOU, could become the next local personality to achieve and reach your potential as a shining star.  ENTER NOW!