With over 100 entries this year for the DanSing Competition the judges certainly had their work cut out for them.

    Heat 3 brought about another evening of talented performers. Again all age groups, again all genres of entertainment.

    The evening commenced with the Junior Dance section with Charlotte Broad’s fun and sweet arrangement of ‘Lollipop”. Talk about variety the juniors admirably held their own…..Bailee Scott, Harrison Grove & Tahnee Baker-Clark all chose some great old favourites – Ain’t Misbehaving, Marry Me and Blowin in the Wind. Stars of the Future!

    The talent continued with the Intermediate Variety section with Georgia Bell & Ashleigh Denning delivering very polished and entertaining performances followed by a very moving and impressive interpretation from dancer Stephanie Rabe to a lovely piece of music “My Immortal”.

    Not to be outdone by the Juniors or Intermediates, the Adult Variety section proved to be very entertaining with “I kissed a girl” being performed by Nathan Baker, “Stars in the Moon” performed by Melissa Hardgrave and “So Anyway” performed by Samantha Hardgrave.

    I can see the Original Song section becoming one of the stronger and popular sections for the future. DanSing provide a platform for all these creative and exceptional musicians to write their own music, lyrics and perform themselves or have someone else perform their material for them. DanSing’s contestants this evening were able to capture the audience and judges with their impressive and outstanding arrangements.

    Look out Saturday! Semi Finals 3pm – Finals 7pm

    Be prepared to be entertained……be prepared to be blown away by the talent…..be prepared to have a great afternoon and evening at the Jacaranda Festival DanSing (A Quest for Talent) performances.

    See you there.