Lucy – Kelpie X Smithfield Cattle Dog

    Education Ambassador for Ipswich City Council

    Lucy was found as a stray wondering the streets of the Gold Coast 3 years ago. As an unclaimed stray she was handed over to the Animal Welfare League; heavily pregnant at the time, she went out on foster, giving birth to 4 healthy puppies.

    Once the puppies were old enough to be weaned, I fostered her for her milk to dry up.

    As a family we absolutely fell in love with her wonderful nature & decided to adopt her.

    It is because of this nature that she is so good at what she does currently.

    Lucy has been trained by me over the last 3 years & has a repertoire of some good tricks & behaviours, but most importantly she just LOVES people.

    She is used during the education sessions to showcase dog body language – particularly teaching children how to interact with dogs safely, in order to reduce the incidences of dog bites.

    She also performs various tricks & then is happy to be petted by all of the children.