Get Ready!  Entries will open on Monday 9th September for this year’s exciting Quest for Talent.

    The 2012 winners performed recently at the Ipswich Festival and proved to be very popular.  Rheanna Leshke  opened with an upbeat and fun rendition of ‘Rock this Country’ followed by a high energy and well executed dance by Tara Biddle.  Ben Bradley grooved with a great number ‘Yeah’ while Brett Hann’s big voice wowed the audience with ‘Granada’.  ‘Stepping Stone’ was performed by Kiara Cavenagh who captured the audience, while to finish off, Brett together with all winners performed  a cool and fun ‘Minnie the Moocher’.  Congratulations to you all for a wonderful job and a huge thank you to the Ipswich Festival for the invitation to perform and the wonderful Brad Rush.

    We look forward to the Workshops next year and working with the 2013 winners who will once again perform at the Ipswich Festival in 2014.

    Every year a Quest for Talent provide a platform for all performers of all ages and in all areas of entertainment to display their talents.  Here are just a few testimonials Quest for Talent have received:

    • “Thank you for a wonderful experience for our children to perform” – Team Ritz
    • “I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time we had at the festival on the weekend.  Thank you for making it such a great experience.  It was really well run and had such a friendly and fun atmosphere.  We love being part of it. – Tenielle’s Mum
    • “Special commendation to sound tech – fantastic, have performed numerous times and felt that the sound was professional.  Also congratulations Sue & team for a great event.” – Mandy Denning
    • “Extend my thanks to everyone involved in making Quest for Talent competition possible.  Congratulations!  It’s so wonderful to have an outlet for local performing artists – especially when it comes to being able to play original music.”  Rheanna
    • “Congratulations on another successful Quest for Talent competition.  I was fortunate to be able to attend the Jacaranda Festival this year and was impressed by the quality of the entrants that performed.”  Lesley Whitfield – Project Co ordinator – Ipswich Festival.

    Watch closely for more updates for this year’s Quest for Talent.