Another exciting night lies ahead…..

    Junior Dance

    The evening commences with the Junior Dance, first up David, performing a very lively number to ‘Footloose’ looking great in his denims, followed by Lilya with a cute and well limbered performance to ‘Call Me Maybe’   with the final Junior Dance contestant being ‘3 Sisters’ who delivered a lovely dance that followed a Tuvalu  storyline.

    Junior Variety

    So many talented young ones coming through the ranks and from what I can see tonight all going to a great deal of effort to ensure a professional performance.

    Wow! Our first contestant was Rebekah who delivered a very powerful and beautiful rendition of ‘Caro Mio Ben’.  Lilya followed with a bright and energetic song and dance to ‘Me Party’.

    Capturing the audience with her performance was Abigail with her lovely interpretation of ‘When you taught me to dance’.  As young as they are there is no end to their talents, Brodie showed her multi skills with her keyboard playing and lovely song ‘A thousand years’.

    With two more contestants to go, the judges have another difficult night ahead.

    Next Phoebe who presented a very mature and lovely interpretation of ‘People Help the People’ followed by our final competitor in the Junior Variety section, Chelsea, who also showed her multi skills with her keyboard playing and lovely delivery of  the Birdie song  ‘Skinny Love’.

    Congratulations to all the Junior Variety entrants….great job.

    And the winners going through to the Semi finals for Junior Dance & Junior Variety are:  Lilya Pidgeon (for both Dance & Variety) , 3 sisters, Abigail Hudson & Chelsea Berderow.

    Intermediate Variety

    Waiting backstage with the contestants, all looking a little nervous and serious.  As usual our Compere John was able to put them at ease with his fun antics.

    Molly had the privilege of opening the Intermediate Variety section with her sweet performance of ‘The Climb’ followed by Nadia, singing ‘Beautiful’ showing a lovely strong voice developing.

    Looking like a beautiful princess and lifting the tempo a little, Cindy performed a lovely rendition of ‘Good Girl’.

    Ben, who has been a regular entrant in the Quest for Talent performed ‘What Now’…great to see the confidence build with every performance and the audience contact.

    Brandon was lucky last of the Intermediate Variety section and concluded with none-beat boxing. The audience was astounded with Brandon’s excellent performance and received a huge round of applause.

    Adult Dance

    A great Duo opened this section Tara & Brittany with an excellent and well executed routine to ‘Run’ followed by the Here’s to Life Dancers, a group of mature age ladies who love to dance, all doing a fabulous job and who got the audience clapping and cheering.

    Amelia delivered a beautiful number ‘Impossible’ with great technique and feeling, while Brittany lifted the tempo with a great number ‘Touch’ showing her wonderful jazz style and flair.

    A fabulous section with some wonderful talent.

    Adult Variety

    Kris &Mel mesmerised the audience with their presentation of ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ with some lovely harmonies.

     Mature & Motivated

    Kristina & Trudi once again delivered a beautiful rendition of ‘Safe & Sound’ with lovely harmonies while the Here’s to Life Dancers presented a very slick dance number to ‘St Louis Blues’.  Both crowd pleasing numbers.

    Original Song

    Opening this section was Bella with ‘Consequence’ an excellent arrangement incorporating a little rap…another crowd pleaser.  So much talent.

    To finish off the night and to finish off the Heats we have Georgia  performing ‘Can’t Force this love on you’ self accompanied with guitar.  Great arrangement  and performance.

    Winners going through to the Semi finals… Ben Bradley, Brittany Banwell-Young, Amelia Rohl, Kris & Mel, Kristina Hancock & Trudi Kemp, Here’s to Life Dancers & Georgia Bell.  Congratulations to all.

    Who will be the winners? Come on down and enjoy the talent on Saturday 26th October 2013 at the Jacaranda Festival – Semi finals & Finals for Quest for Talent.