Finals are getting closer now and the excitement is mounting back stage.  Three performers in each category will perform and compete tonight to take out the winners prizes.

    Junior Dance

    Meaghan dancing to ‘The A Train’, Bounty dancing to a mix of Hip Hop Tracks and Lilya to ‘Call me Maybe’ all performing very well with lots of energy and pizzazz.  Well done!

    Junior Variety

    We have Alla (Sweet People), April (Wizard & I) and Melissa(A Team).  Alla had a very effective opening followed by a powerful performance, April’s performance was very believable and showed her Musical Theatre talents while Melissa  delivered an extremely sincere and beautiful performance.

    Intermediate Variety

    ‘The Lady is a Tramp’,  what a fabulous selection and performed with style and flair by Georgia followed by Ashleigh with ‘Someone Like you’ beautifully interpreted. Jasmine completed the section with a very entertaining rendition of ‘I want to be a Rockette’.

    Adult Dance

    Get ready for the Dance off…..Three well trained dancers competing for the prize.  Amelia, Tara and Jasmine all very well limbered, strong and beautiful dancers. Who will be the winner?

    Adult Variety

    The judges certainly have their job cut out for them tonight….the Adult Variety have three excellent and talented performers, Kris & Mel, Tammy, & Kris all competing for the winners prize. All performed beautifully and very professionally.

    Mature & Motivated

    Wow!  These performers can teach a thing or two to the up and coming performers…..We have singers and dancers competing for the top prize. No time to Practise, Here’s to Life Dancers and Brett Hann, all looking fabulous with excellent costuming, sounding great, moving very well.  All extremely entertaining.  Good luck to the judges.

    Original Song

    Who to choose,  when all competitors are so talented and so entertaining?  Tammy, Ashleigh or Kris?  Fantastic work from all three competitors.

    While the judges were making their final decision Yasmin entertained the audience with her fabulous performance of ‘Think’.  Yasmin is a previous winner of Quest for Talent and mentors the competitors during their journey with Quest for Talent and assists back stage.

    The time has come…..and the winners are:

    Junior Dance:  1st Lilya Pidgeon: 2nd Meaghan Broad: 3rd Bounty

    Junior Variety: 1st April Aitken: 2nd Melissa Wilcox, 3rd Alla Yarosh

    Intermediate Variety: 1st Ashleigh Denning:  2nd Georgia Bell: 3rd Jasmine Organ

    Adult Dance: 1st Tara Biddle: 2nd Jasmine Organ:  3rd Amelia Rohl

    Adult Variety:   1st Tammy Mathieson: 2nd Kris Wason: 3rd Kris & Mel

    Mature & Motivated Variety: 1st Brett Hann: 2nd Here’s to Life Dancers: 3rd No Time to Practise

    Original Song: 1st Ashleigh Denning: 2nd Kris Wason: 3rd Tammy Mathieson

    Not only have will all the above winners  receive great cash prizes, they will also receive professional Workshops and a performance at the Ipswich Festival next year. Congratulations to all.

    Thank you to all the wonderful backstage crew who make all this possible. Thank you to the Jacaranda Festival for your support of Quest for Talent.

    See you all again for the 2014 Quest for Talent.