Congratulations to the Quest for Talent Finalists:

    Junior Dance: Lily Paige, Chloe De Los Santos, Samantha Lane and the winner is Lily Paige.

    Adult Dance:  Tara Biddle, Jasmine Organ, Alannah Caneris and the winner is Tara Biddle. 

    Junior Variety:  Ella Macrokanis, Indigo Macrokanis, Lennon Bosschieter and the winner is Indigo Macrokanis.

    Intermediate Variety: Ben Bradley, Saintz, Hannah Jones and the winner is Ben Bradley.

    Adult Variety:  Ivana Iliev, Tammy Mathieson, Ashleigh Denning and the winner is Ashleigh Denning.

    Mature & Motivated: Here’s to Life, Brett Hann and the winner is Here’s to Life.

    Country:  Ashleigh Denning, Hannah Jones, Felicity Kircher and the winner is Ashleigh Denning.

    Original Song:  Tammy Mathieson, Jordan Vasiliou, Ella Macrokanis and the winner is Jordan Vasiliou.

    Overall Winner:  Ella Macrokanis

    A huge thankyou to our Judges:  Renee Allotta, Sherryl-Lee Secomb and Geoff Secomb for a fabulous job.

    To our fantastic sponsors Goodna Services Club, Ipswich City Council and Festival, GM Poles, PW Dance and the Weeroona Hotel Motel we thank you sincerely for your support.