3rd Night of Heats (Wednesday) and Wow!  Just Amazing!

    Congratulations to the dancers for their immaculate grooming…well done.

    The audience enjoyed all styles of dance with Charlotte performing a lyrical to ‘Power of Love’ showing nice expression, followed by Sophie with ‘Knock on Wood’ and Kristin dancing to ‘Circus’ both with a nice  jazz style developing.

    Did I mention all styles of dance?  Charlotte performed an acrobatic routine showing her well limbered tricks while David looked very handsome in his tails, (that’s Top Hat and Tails,)  and tapped his way through, even demonstrating some wings to ‘In Summer’.

    A fun hip hop number was performed by St Augustine College students showing some great moves and lifts, followed by Caitlin with a  nice routine to ‘Catch my Breath Mix’.

    The Junior Dance section final two competitors were Erin and for someone so young showed some nice feeling and nice work developing and Chloe demonstrating a strong style and cute performance.

    Capturing the audience with his performance was Lennon singing and playing his guitar to ‘I see Fire’, with Rebekah showing her potential singing ‘Part of your world’.  Molly’s choice ‘I Dreamed a dream’ also captured the audience with her big voice and performance. A very sweet performance to ‘The Climb’ was delivered by Chloe with a fun number to ‘Mickey Mouse’ confidently performed by Jessica. Both Sasha and Kisha performed sweetly to ‘Our Song’ and ‘A Whole new World’.  Well done.

    Variety..Variety..Variety…and the performers delivered just that.

    The Intermediate Variety section was opened by Lacey who looked fabulous and performed to ‘Empire State of Mind’, while Nadia sung and danced her way through the ‘Hairspray Medley’ showing a true musical theatre style. An elegant looking Louisa although a little nervous performed lovely to ‘Only Love can Hurt like this’ and Abigail showed her potential singing to ‘Stay’.

    St Augustine College hip hop routine showed some great isolations and moves while finishing off the section was Hannah with her choice of song ‘If I Ain’t Got you’ with hints of soul in her strong voice.

    The original song section featured Jordan with ‘Summertime’ showing his own individual style and skills on the guitar.

    The audience really enjoyed the Mature and Motivated section with the Here’s to Life group opening with a tap duo to ‘Sing Sing Sing’ with some pretty up tempo tapping and Liz performing very nicely the song ‘Angel’.  The second Here’s to Life group got the house rocking with ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and proved that they too could have a lot of fun.

    To finish the evening both Hannah and Ashleigh performed their country numbers, with both of them capturing the audience with their talents and professionalism.

    Congratulations to the following Semi Finalists:

    David, St Augustine College (both groups),Erin, Chloe, Lennon, Molly, Sasha, Nadia, Hannah, Ashleigh, Here’s to Life (both groups), Liz and Jordan.

    2nd Night of Heats (Tuesday) and by the looks of the talent the judges have a difficult time ahead.

    The Junior Variety section had a wonderful selection of items with Cher delivering  a sweet performance to ‘Bubbly’, a fabulous musical theatre number from Indigo and Lara showing some nice harmonies to first timer Georgia, a little nervous but sweet performance to ‘Butterfly Fly Away’.  Phoenix wooed the audience with his rendition of ‘Where is Love’ throwing roses to the audience, while Savannah captured the audience with a confident performance to ‘Orange Coloured Sky’.

    The story was told very well by Briana… ‘Do you want to build a Snowman’ was her choice, very sweet, followed by a lovely tuneful ‘My Favourite Things’ by Laila.  ‘Naughty’  another great musical theatre number was performed by Indigo who showed some excellent expressions.  Savannah and Sami showed some good moves and gestures to ‘I am Number One’, while finishing off the Junior Variety, Sinead and Shannon performed a fun tap to ‘Bad Guys’ showing some good partner work.

    The Junior Dance contestants worked hard and showed off their dancing skills.  Sinead and Shannon opened with ‘You can count on me’ a very sweet performance with some partner work, followed by Indigo performing a contemporary piece showing lots of feeling and nice work.

    Tap dancing is very popular with Meaghan and Caity showing good technique with good sound and rhythm throughout.  ‘Stand by Me’ performed by Anastasia and Imogen created some lovely pictures while showing a lovely soft style, some nice work developing by Savannah who performed a lovely number to ‘Brave’.

    The very talented Alla Yarosh opened the Intermediate Variety section with ‘One and Only’ giving a relaxed but strong performance, while some lovely harmonies shown by Melissa and Nadia with ‘You ruined me’.  Showing some nice light and shade and capturing the audience was Jordan with his song ‘Clown’.

    Meryl worked the audience well with ‘Like it Loud’ and Ivana and Kelly dressed for the part and showed off their vocal skills to ‘For Good’.

    The new Country section has introduced some great numbers and performers to Quest for Talent.  Briana dressed in Country style performed very sweetly and as did Laila looking extremely pretty with her lovely headdress to ‘Wake me Up’.

    So versatile are these youngsters, Briana returned to the stage with an original song ‘I Wonder’,  playing keyboard and performing very sweetly to a song she co-wrote with her sister.

    Congratulations to the following Semi finalist:

    Laila, Indigo, Meaghan & Caity, Alla, Jordan, Meryl, Ivana & Kelly and Briana.

    First night of Heats (Monday) and once again some amazing talent.

    The evening started with the Junior Dance section with dancers Kiya and Ella showing lots of feeling and emotion in their lyrical/contemporary routines while Lara’s performance was very sweet and refreshing.  This was followed by some groovy and fun moves from Rafaela and Samantha, with Madeline G performing very cute and precise routine to Funky Town.  The Section was completed with Madeline P showing some nice style with Rhythm of the Night……a great way to start the evening.

    Junior Variety certainly did not disappoint the audience with a fabulous selection of songs from some of the great musicals. A sweet rendition of ‘What is this feeling’ was presented by Isabelle & Livia, while Lily demonstrated her  great acrobatic skills and energy.  Grace was very expressive and sold her story well with ‘In my own little Corner’, while duo Madeline and Asha showed their energy with some partner acrobatic work and dance.

    The Variety section was very entertaining with the performers showing off not only their voices but their acting abilities …..Lara captured the audience with ‘Nothing’ from A  Chorus Line while Felicity and Elly characterised their song choices very well.  A sweet and sincere performance was presented by Ella and Milla and a good old favourite ‘Sunnyside of the Street’ performed by Madeline who showed great timing and rhythm with her tapping.

    It’s great to see the contestants return from year to year and it’s wonderful to see the improvement each year as Harrison showed with his mature performance of ‘Hallelujah’. For such a small fellow Nigel showed off his big voice with Power of Love.  First two sections of the night and the Judges certainly have their work cut out for them.

    The 14 – 18 year age group – Intermediate Variety showed their style and talents with  Melissa opening the section with a beautiful rendition of ‘Read all About it’, while regular Quest for Talent contestant Ben Bradley showed his emotion with ‘Stay With Me’ as did Remy with  her choice in song with ‘Stay’.  Brittany performed ‘Roar’ with feeling and expression and Laura closed the section with a fun musical theatre number ‘There are worse things I could do’.  A very strong section indeed.

    Some of the gowns worn by the contestants were beautiful and it’s so lovely to see the effort being put in for their performances.  Ivana delivered an excellent and elegant performance of ‘Memory’ and as a major contrast Stephen strutted his stuff with his Rap number.  Again, Caley looked lovely and showed lots of feeling and talent singing ‘Hurt’.  Angie closed the section with selections from Madonna’s songs Acapello style.

    The new ‘Country’ section has attracted some new comers to the Quest and also some regulars showing off their flexibility.  Felicity, a new comer to Quest for Talent dressed in full country style impressed the audience and judges with her performance.

    Jasmine & Alannah performed  to ‘ Over the Love’ showing some lovely well  limbered and executed work.  Busy girls, as they both then competed individually with their well placed and stylish performances.

    To complete the evening the ‘Original Song’ performances were heartfelt and touching as the contestants all delivered meaningful songs with lyrics to match. Well done to Ella, Tammy, Felicity and Shanice.

    Congratulations to the following Semi finalist:

    Samantha, Ella, Nigel, Melissa, Ben, Ivana, Felicity, Tammy and Alannah. Wildcards have been selected and contestants will be informed if chosen to perform at the Semi Finals.

    Stay tuned for more updates on Quest for Talent 2014.

    We are excited to welcome back as one of our sponsors for 2014 –  GM Poles.  Sincere thanks to Bob Chambers for your continued support.

    A huge thankyou also to the Ipswich City Council for their kind sponsorship.

    Look out for further updates.